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beauty from within


Age signs on the skin can be delayed by choosing a healthy lifestyle and considering all the healthy alternatives available on the market. It has never been easier than now!

The signs of age that you mostly notice when it comes to skin are the following;

- reduced strength

- reduced elasticity

- thin skin

- deepening wrinkles


All of the above conditions are dependent on a lack of collagen and elastin in the skin. However, it is unclear how much the skin can absorb from the outside so it is important that you get collagen through your diet and supplements.

Beauty and health today are terms that have become inseparable. Beauty is no longer just defined by external skin care as a good serum or a good cream. We know that the appearance of the skin can be dramatically improved through reduced stress, good sleep, exercise, healthy food and good supplements. In other words, health is something that reflects on our skin. We see a holistic view of beauty and health everywhere, especially in Europe and the US, where makeup and external beauty routines are no longer the most significant but are beginning to be taken over by health food, superfood, beauty food, probiotic products and supplements. The focus now is on taking care of the skin from the inside.


No one is interested in news in the field of beauty and innovative skin care, who have missed out on the fact that collagen is the most "hyped" dietary supplement on the market right now. This important fiber protein is the most important supporting base in our skin and a key component to keeping the skin firm, hydrated and elastic. The question then is how can we get the body to produce more collagen? Research has shown that an intake of collagen actually triggers the body's own collagen production. Free radicals are the biggest enemy of the skin, because they break down the collagen in the body and therefore it is also important that we eat foods, fruits, vegetables and berries that contain a lot of antioxidants.

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