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collagen - a powerful anti-age protein


Bad news for our beauty: The production of collagen decreases as we get older

Collagen is the most common protein in the skin and constitutes up to about 70%. Collagen is a key component of skin structure and collagen fibers provide the infrastructure for elastin which in turn maintains skin elasticity. As we age, both the number and activity of the skin cells (fibroblasts) producing collagen decreases. The collagen matrix that gives skin firmness and structure begins to break down and our skin becomes dehydrated and thinner. Even fine lines and deeper wrinkles may start to appear.

the good news: Proper nutrition can make your skin look younger and smoother
Scientific research has shown that nutrition can affect our skin's elasticity, firmness and moisture-binding capacity by contributing to optimal levels of good collagen fibers. Collagen peptides have proven skin beauty benefits, which contribute to a healthier and younger skin. (For scientific studies, see the facts tab)

Collagen peptides help strengthen and rejuvenate the deeper layers of skin from within and preserve the dense collagen layer that is key to preventing wrinkles and lost elasticity. The peptides also have a significant effect on the skin's ability to retain moisture and thus prevent the formation of surface dryness and micro-wrinkles.

As our skin ages and responds to external conditions such as sunlight, the collagen in the dermis begins to become damaged and fragmented. This can block the collagen synthesis and elastin production, leading to loss of elasticity and a decrease in total collagen density of the skin. With collans® optimal composition and high-dose peptan® collagen, after just one month of use, you can get visible effects.

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