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do you know the difference between supplements, functionalfood och nutraceuticals?


Do you think it is unclear with these concepts and difficult to know what is what? In that case you are not alone, many people find it very confusing!

Here is a summary of what supplements, functional food and nutraceuticals are and the differences.

Supplements look like medicin but are made from foods, single nutrients or food-like substances to improve health.

Functional food looks like food and is modified for greater nutritional value. It is simply food with good properties that gives us better health. An example is beta-glucan in barley.

Nutraceuticals is a section of dietary supplements made only by health food in order to improve health. A Nutraceutical is a product that comes from foods in refined form. Nutraceuticals are usually not in the form of food but can be capsules, drops, tablets etc. The name comes from English 'nutrition' and 'pharmaceuticals' and thus suggests things you eat that work like medicin.

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