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"Glow", an expression that is used a lot right now and everyone seems to want glow!

What is glow and how do you get it?

The definition is a smooth and thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin, without a layer of dead skin cells, which can better reflect the light. This creates a rosiness and a deep natural luster - what we call glow!


A good external skin care routine in combination with makeup is what we can do on the outside to get glow, but we should not forget that much can be done from the inside as well. Our lifestyle and what we eat and drink are also visible on our skin.

We can boost our skin from the inside with the so called "beautyfood", which is about eating foods that make a big difference to the skin! Fruits and vegetables also called "rainbow foods" (due to their strong colors) can do wonders for the skin as they contain dyes that are packed with antioxidants.

Beautyfood fuels the skin with nutrition and triggers collagen levels. One third of all the protein in our body consists of collagen. This important fiber protein helps keep the skin firm, moisturized, elastic and gives it shine. It is the collagen together with elastin that makes our skin look youthful and smooth.

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